"This is a superb book. Using clear definitions and sound reason, Sacred Scripture and the traditional teachings of the Popes and the Church Fathers (as well as common sense), Father Kramer brings clarity and truth to the muddled confusion of the post-conciliar fog and murk that shroud modern Rome to reveal the eternal glory of our Catholic Faith."

David Allen White, Ph.D.
Professor of English
United States Naval Academy

"Father Kramer's book should be read, re-read, and thoroughly understood by anyone professing to be a Roman Catholic. No one can afford to be ignorant of the issues presented with such clarity and scholarship in this long-awaited work. Is the Tradition of the Church, including her immemorial liturgy, just one of many options which a Catholic in our day and age is free to choose from? Some will find this book an informative confirmation of what they already believe and pratice. Others will find it a means to discover and accept the inescapable Truth that its flawless logic will lead them to. Still others will brush off the compelling message of this work and continue to fiddle while the Rome burns. Pray. Read. Learn."

Father Patrick J. Perez

"Father Kramer's work is excellent! He gives a complete and convincing argument explaining a major cause of the current crisis in the Church today as only a theologian of his high caliber could. His insights into the mind of the Church regarding her Law and her Liturgy are clear and absolutely penetrating. His candidness in explaining why the hierarchy still fails to do anything about the current situation leads me to the logical and inevitable conclusion that they condemn themselves!

Father Paul S. Petko